In addition to private equity we also provide senior level advisory services to companies we invest in and to others as consultants.  These services include:

  • Service on Boards of Directors to provide objective perspective and oversight
  • Mentoring new Chief Operating and Executive Officers and new Chief Financial Officers. We help them gain from the benefit of our own experiences and provide an objective sounding board for them to discuss their own ideas and issues
  • Creation of Financial Reporting Templates and Dashboards. We help management identify which metrics are important and how to measure them.  We teach them how to identify problems early on and take corrective action
  • Strategic Planning. We don’t do the strategic plan for the company.  We teach management why strategic planning is important and what the strategic plan should include.  We then lead and facilitate management through the process of creating a living document which will guide the business toward profit and growth
  • Design of executive level annual and long-term compensation plans. Managers do what they are paid to do.  A well-designed incentive plan creates mutually beneficial organizational dynamics, motivates management toward profitable growth, retains key executives and results in investors and management winning together.
  • Negotiation of employer provided health benefit programs with providers and brokers. With our long experience in negotiating health benefit plans for our own companies, we’ve learned that a thorough analysis of all available options usually leads to a health plan that both saves money and provides the employee a better benefit.