Linden Tree Capital LLC

Linden Tree Capital LLC has interests in manufacturing, professional office and industrial commercial real estate, restaurants, and solar power.

Linden Tree Capital, LLC represents entrepreneurial private equity investors with significant experience in finance and diversified manufacturing.  Prior to working in private equity on our own we operated companies with revenues up to $600 million and footprints throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.  We have been responsible for dozens of transactions on both the buy and sell sides.  We have also completed several transactions on our own.

We believe people are the difference between success and failure. We like to establish mutually beneficial relationships with existing management and believe our experience combined with strategic planning and the Know-How already present will result in a company achieving the highest levels of performance.  We like to build upon what has already been accomplished and establish a winning vision for the future together.

Our most recent large investment has been in a 315 Megawatt Solar Power Plant atop the roof of The Lacas Coffee building. We are interested in more solar power opportunities in New Jersey.  Ideally, we’d like to buy more industrial buildings with outstanding tenants who would partner with us by using our electricity from renewable sources at rates favorable to traditionally produced power.