Case Study: Lacas Coffee Company

Linden Tree Capital partnered with Jonathan Del Re in the acquisition of Lacas Coffee Company .  Linden Tree provides Senior Advisory Services and assists the CEO, who is the majority shareholder, and the management team in building on the company’s strong history of outstanding coffees and customer support.

Lacas Coffee Company

Linden Tree has advised on operations, financial reporting, compensation, benefits, acquisitions, and capital improvements.  Since the acquisition Lacas Coffee has also invested in new production lines, Information Technology, and Branding.  In addition it has automated product tracking from tree to cup, using Sage, Scan Force, and Prism.  It has acquired Dallis Bros Coffee and Philly Bean and established a new sales office to support Dallis Bros’ customer base in Greater New York.

Dallis Brothers Coffee

Most recently CLD Linden LLC, Lacas’ landlord, has built a 315 Megawatt Solar plant on The Lacas Building.  Over any 12 month period, 100% of Lacas electricity now comes from renewable sources.

CLD Linden Solar LLC

Whether it’s Fair Trade, produced in an environmentally friendly way, or Organic, when it’s Lacas, it’s also always delicious.