We are looking for manufacturing and service companies with differentiated products and services.  Our ideal acquisition target is a niche player with brand equity, intellectual property, and strong customer relationships.  We are not interested in commodities or companies that are captive suppliers to much larger companies.  Our experience is in business-to-business and most likely we are not interested in consumer-targeted companies.

We are interested in companies with Revenues of $5 to $30 million and any level of EBITDA.  We are experienced in and comfortable with turnarounds.  We have good access to equity and financing.  Geographically we are most interested in the Mid-Atlantic but will also consider opportunities across the US and in Europe with solid management in place.   We are practical and down-to-earth.  We can determine quickly if a potential win-win situation exists and will work with the seller to facilitate an amicable transaction.  We are also willing to partner and will consider minority positions.